How To Get Motivation To Lose Weight

Many people struggle with motivation to lose weight. motivation to lose weight

It’s not an uncommon thing, so you’re not alone!

I struggled with it badly so many times in the past and I couldn’t find out why.

I’d workout here and there, maybe even be consistent for a few weeks to only find myself the next few weeks not even stepping into a gym.

I fixed all of that permanently.

I never have problems with my motivation to lose weight or to hit the gym or to be active in some form or fashion.

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Upper Body Fat Loss

Many people struggle with either upper body fat loss or lower body fat loss which can really make their physique a bit off. Upper Body Fat Loss

I got an email the other day from a guy that said he has a fat upper body; chest shoulders, back, stomach, arms, neck, forearms and face – everything.

He then said that his lower body was nothing like his upper body, it was skinny, almost to the bone.

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