Anti-Diet Mainstream Brands



Mainstream diet brands may not seem to have much relevance for the wellness-focused modern woman, but they’re going to try really hard to change that in 2016. This fall, Lean Cuisine introduced a campaign called #WeighThis that asked women to weigh their accomplishments instead of their bodies, and Weight Watchers introduced “Beyond The Scale,” a major revamp of its program that de-emphasizes weight loss to include other healthy lifestyle components like fitness for the sake of feeling good, and self-care components for “inner strength.”

Weight Watchers’ chief scientific officer Gary Foster says the changes were a direct response to feedback from consumers. “Rather than, ‘I’ve got to lose…some fixed number [of pounds]’,” he says, “it’s ‘I want to be healthier, I want to feel better, I want to look better, I want to be confident.” Both brands also revamped their plans or meals to focus more on whole foods and ingredient quality, and less on calorie counts. Is Jenny Craig going to start providing health coaches armed with motivational mantras and Vitamixes, next?





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