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Ending the work week with a bit of carby indulgence…even though I know I shouldn’t.

Apple’s Arrabiata Fusilli


This meal is already 573 calories!?

But was it worth it?!


Did it contribute to me going over my calories for the day!?

(Unfortunately YES!)

Here’s the breakdown:

66g Fusilli = 232 calories

100g Chicken = 195 calories

40g  Broccoli = 14 calories

30g Carrots = 12 calories

1 tbsp Olive Oil = 120 calories

What can I say, I’m only human and like any other ordinary human who can only take so much clean eating before caving into saucy, carby goodness, I gave in. This was my post workout lunch which I convinced myself was well deserved since I worked out hard at the gym. I know it’s kinda unhealthy but I added some vegetables and chicken breast so at least I get my vitamins and protein in…and again…it was worth it.

Below is a clip of my intense weight training earlier today.

My coach had me do Super Sets which is basically a combination of exercises with dumbbells, done one right after the other with only a minute break after each set.

Shoulder Press – 3 sets – (10-8-6 reps)

Dumbell Squat – 3 sets – (10-8-6 reps)

Dumbell Rows – 3 sets – (10-8-6 reps)

I felt so much muscle burn during the work out, but I know it’s natural and all part of the tearing and building process….so endure the pain I will for the greater good of my future toned arms. The rest of the session comprised of another Super Set, dips, pull ups, rows on the rowing machine, dead lifts, and HIIT. Like I said, “well-deserved” pasta right? Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself…

Well that’s it for now. If you missed the beginning of this journey you can read about it here. Until then, stay tuned for more Apple Cider’s Journey to Fitness!


– Apple Cider :)


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