Apple Cider’s Journey To Fitness : Eating Cleaner (2nd Week Update)

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It’s been 2 whole weeks of eating clean, counting calories, exercising, measuring, weighing, etc. etc. etc.

Hasn’t been easy. I’ve had my struggles, my setbacks, my aches & soreness, tempted to eat some unhealthy food/drink (Pizza, pasta, fries, fried food, greasy ramen, quesadilla, soda)… It’s so hard to snob a bag of chips or a swiss mushroom burger or a venti cup of caramel frappe..

But I am determined to have a healthy body, so I will cut away anything that doesn’t align with my goals. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat!” so think looong and hard before you devour that mouth watering, cheesy, greasy, fatty french fries or creamy, chocolately, oh-so-good gellato!

Here is my current weigh-in & measurements after 2 weeks since I’ve started my journey.

Starting Weight and Measurements

2 Week Progress

Weight : 108.6 lbs

Waist : 63 cm

Hips : 88.75 cm

Thighs : L : 52.5 cm           R : 53 cm

Arms :  L : 26 cm                R : 27 cm

Living in a concrete jungle is never easy. On the rare occasions I go downstairs and leave our “very controlled environment” of a condo, it’s like a whole new world outside… food establishments are everywhere! Every corner, every step, everywhere I turn I see restaurants. Fast Food. Fancy Food. Comfort Food. Ice Cream Parlors. Bakeries. AAAHHHHH! Entering any of those will surely exceed my 1500 calorie diet. But having my coach always around me (and I mean ALWAYS) it’s a little easier to stay on track. I’m not doing this for anyone, I’m doing it for myself. It takes a lot of patience & hard work, discipline & courage to turn your lifestyle around for the better.

My goal is to be healthy and strong… nicely toned arms and legs and a flat and sculpted abs are just icing on top if and when I achieve them.

You might have noticed my weight is a tad higher than last week’s. Like I said, struggles… setbacks… temptations. AT. EVERY. CORNER.


enjoying the view while doing HIIT (my not so favorite cardio) I usually run with the speed of 9.0 for 15 minutes (20 seconds break after every 1 minute), I lower down the speed to 5 for the last 2 minutes.. I usually burn 80-95 calories with this exercise whereas the gliders burn me 120 calories for 15 minutes with a speed of usually no lower than 10



No more junk food! Okay! Might be boring but Hey! its healthier! Eating cleaner this week! It’s going to be a challenge but I CAN and WILL DO IT!




150g Roast Chicken = 358 calories

120g Broccoli  = 41 calories

112g Carrots = 46 calories

Apple + Watermelon + Cucumber shake = 65 calorie 

So how about getting healthy? Eating healthier & exercising? May sound kinda dull and boring right? Well, I’m telling you it’s not boring nor dull! Once you feel and see changes and results, you’ll get even more inspired, motivated and even excited to keep on going. I challenge myself to make the right food choices and push myself in the gym every time I step in. Like they say, it’s better to be sore than sorry!

I just want to encourage you guys to take care of yourself… no need for a gym membership or a personal trainer/coach… you can simply start by walking or jogging everyday and cutting out unnecessary sugars and salts from your diet.

If you miss my other updates you can read it here and here.

Always visit for more update and don’t hesitate to message us if you have questions. LeanStop team is here for you! No matter what your goals are for a leaner, stronger and healthier life!



-Apple Cider :)





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