Apple Cider’s Journey To Fitness : Protein Shakes & Squats (3rd Week Update)

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It’s been 3 whole weeks of intense weight training, cardio workouts, sweating, and soreness but it’s really worth it coz I’m seeing some results…


Thats the result of every cardio session I do… Excuse my hairy & sweaty arms, but today I made “fat” cry….again!

I feel like my legs are getting stronger and increasing in flexibility. I never realized the importance of strength training before my journey

Here’s me doing squats!

Everyone should really have a post workout drink/shake. It really helps with muscle repair and building. Also satisfies hunger after a very hard workout.


Post Workout Protein Shake (Organic Almond Milk, Whey Protein, Banana, Watermelon & Papaya)

It’s all about protein. Protein. Protein. PROTEIN! And Many of my meals this week were packed with them.



50g Steamed Broccoli  = 17 calories

42g Cadia Tongol Tuna = 46 calories

112g Southwestern Quinoa = 160 calories 

Omelette = 200 calories

A total of 423 calories! I wasn’t even halfway done and already I was stuffed to my eyeballs with good ole’ clean protein…

Just a quick update this week and if you missed last time’s you can read about it here and here. Until then, eat clean and train mean!


-Apple Cider :)

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