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This is the first week of my Fitness Journey and here’s what I’ve been doing so far…

ABSOLUTELY NO RICE! Yes, that may seem like a walk in the park for many of you, but for an Asian girl like me who has rice every meal, every day… it is quite a challenge. My coach has brainwashed me into believing that rice is starchy, carby and high in calorie (which is probably true but I haven’t completely made my mind up about that yet). Instead of that extra cup (or 4) of rice with my meals I am now eating more green leafy vegetables & fruits along with my proteins.

When people hear the word “DIET” they think of boring, tasteless, rabbit food. But fortunately my coach knows how to put together a healthy, hearty, nutritious meal without compromising flavor.

Here’s an example of what my meals consist of:

Roast Pork Tenderloin with Spicy Togue (Bean Sprouts)

Can you believe this meal is only 400 calories!? OMGoodness…here’s the breakdown:

100 grams Roasted Pork = 250 calories

100 grams Spicy Togue (Bean Sprouts) = 100 calories

100 grams of Side Salad with Strawberry vinaigrette = 50 calories

Definitely not “rabbit food”…far from it actually and it was quite delicious. This is just a glimpse of my nutrition thus far. I’ve been eating like this for 5 days now and I feel lighter, less bloated and more energized. I never thought I could survive without rice…or noodles…or bread or any type of starchy carbs for this long. But I can…and it’s awesome.

Along with my healthy diet, my coach has me weight training 3 times a week and doing cardio sessions every other day. I’ve never “lifted” in my life unless you consider carrying 5 kilo bags of rice weight training :) The sessions were challenging and I sweated buckets but after every workout I feel stronger (and SORE, but stronger nonetheless). Here’s a little sneak peak of my gym shenanigans…this is what you call a Super Set.

My coach had me do Super Sets which is basically a combination of weights done right after the other with only a 1 minutes break after each set.

Dumbell Press-3 sets-(10-8-6 reps)

Dumbell Rows-3 sets-(10-8-6 reps)

Dumbell Overheads-3 sets-(10-8-6 reps)

During the rest of the session we also hit up lower body and did some HIT on the treadmill.

Well that’s it for now. If you missed the beginning of this journey you can read about it here. Until then, stay tuned for more Apple Cider’s Journey to Fitness!


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