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Its been 3 weeks since I started my journey to fitness and I’m going to share with you more details from my  healthy diets and fitness world…

This was yet again another tough week for me since I was prohibited from eating rice AGAIN due to my high weigh in (and if I didn’t mention it before, I’m a rice lover!) which was very challenging…this was in addition to no fried or greasy food, no added salt or sugar and little to no carbs unless it came from a fruit or vegetable! Any unhealthy food is not allowed to enter my body. Everything I ate was weighed, every portion I had was measured and every calorie I consumed was counted. My coach and I came up with a very “clean” diet, my meals mostly consisted of fresh fruits and veggies and clean protein meaning no added salt, not fried and no excess fat.

I am very determined to do this no matter how tasteless the food can be sometimes or how grueling the workouts. It’s not only to have a great figure, but also to see if it will improve my skin as well as strengthen me from the inside out. Food is a big contributor when it comes to healthy skin and body.

Now here’s a sneak peak from one of my workout sessions I had today:


My coach told me to do 3 sets-(5-5-5 reps) of Negative Pull-ups

Negative pull ups are suppose to help me strengthen my grip and arms so that eventually I can do a “real” pull up.

I know at this point I might look a bit weak and unstable as I swing like a monkey! But Hey! It’s not easy…and I still need to do a lot of strength training for me to be able to do better! Just like anyone who’s a beginner, it takes time, patience and repition. I may not be the best right now, but I am eager and willing to learn! I have the courage! and I know I can do more!

Now, lets talk about my meals.. Since, I am working so hard, My muscles need more protein and so I ate a lot of clean, lean meat like chicken breast with no skin, lean pork and beef, eggs and protein shakes on top of it all…My meal planner only utilizes extra virgin olive oil for cooking and seasonings such as black pepper, cayenne, oregano, garlic, etc. and ABSOLUTELY NO SALT or MSG. And if I didn’t mention before, I’m also taking in no dairy so that means no cheese or milk, instead I substitute with almond or coconut milk. My carbs are limited to fruits and veggies and I abstain from almost all grains (except corn), wheat or anything flour based.

Here’s my meal for today:

Roasted Pork with Sauteed Onions, Roasted Carrots & Steamed Broccoli and

Sunny side up egg


Can you believe this meal is only 394 calories!?

Here’s the breakdown:

100 grams Roasted Pork = 242 calories

50 grams Roasted Carrots = 20 calories

10 grams  Broccoli = 3 calories

10 grams Onion Sauteed in Olive Oil = 54 calories

1 Sunny side up egg = 75 calories

It was reaaaaallly good, protein packed and I was definitely full afterwards, so much so I didn’t even finish the carrots. Can you imagine one Big Mac has about 500 calories!!! and I can eat 2 of those, but then again it’s packed with “empty” calories that aren’t nutritious so that explains why we can eat so much when it comes to junk food.

I sure have been learning a lot on my journey and just in case you missed it, check out last time’s updates here and here.

Till next time…


-Apple Cider

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