Arnold Crunch Exercises To Get A 6 Pack

Interested in Arnold crunch exercises to get a 6 pack? Arnold crunch exercises

There’s no doubt Arnold Schwarzenegger had a fantastic physique.

Some people have said that his abs weren’t that great, but looking at the picture, his abs are better than 99% of people in the world, especially during his time!

Training abs is simple.

Crunches, leg raises, cable crunches, hanging leg raises, decline crunches, etc. These are all great exercises to get your abdominal muscles popping!

Arnold Crunch Exercises To Get A 6 Pack


Arnold believed in the high volume, high rep, lower intensity way of bodybuilding.

It obviously worked for him!

His routine for abs usually consisted of an hour of abdominal exercises every single day.

I remember someone saying the opposite, that he trained abs with 25 reps every single day.

25 reps of abs would only take a few minutes, which is far from the one hour stated above.

Seeing that Arnold was in the gym 6 days a week training 1 to 2 times a day, it’s very believable that he’d spend an hour a day just on his midsection.

Arnold Crunch Exercises To Get A 6 Pack – Routine

His routine was simple.

An hour a day of various different ab exercises with little to no rest.

Here are some abdominal exercises that you can use:

– Oblique Crunches

In a regular crunch position where you’re lying on the floor, bring your knees up and feet off of the floor like you’re about to kick someone. Put both your palms under your head and proceed to crunch. While crunching, twist your body so that one of your elbows is touching the opposite knee. So your left elbow will touch your right knee, your right elbow will touch your left knee, one at a time.

– Hanging Leg Raises

Grab a pull up and let your body hang down. Simply raise both of your feet as high as you can, preferably trying to touch your head while keeping your legs as straight as possible and slowly lower them.

– Cable Crunches

Hook a rope attachment to a cable machine. Grab the rope and bend down to the ground and slowly let your upper body rise up.

– Regular Crunches

Lie on the floor with your knees bent and slowly crunch. This exercise might be too easy for some people, so once you can do 30-50 of these straight, move on to other exercises where you can add resistance.

If you rotate through these exercises about 2-3 times, you’ll get an awesome workout.

I recommend training abs no more than 3 times a week and no less than once a week.

The most important thing about training abs is that you must feel your abs working. If you feel it anywhere else, then you’re not training your abdominal muscles correctly.

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