Effective Circuit Training Routines To Burn Fat Quickly

The best circuit training routines will get your heart rate up, and keep it Effective circuit training routines to burn fat quicklythere for 10-15 minutes or so.

A good routine will last only about 20 minutes max. and will probably have you lying on the floor when the workout is completed.

Sounds a bit crazy?

Well, the results are even crazier.

You can see amazing fat-burning results from a simple circuit workout.

Circuit Training Routines – What Is It?


Circuit training consists of more than 1 exercise done back to back with little to no rest. The only rest that you should be taking is when you’re going from exercise to exercise.

You’ll use weights; a dumb bell or barbell with a circuit workout, however, I’ll show you a way to simply use your body weight below.

Using a circuit workout is very effective in losing fat, but not as effective in building muscle.

I only use circuit training when I’m looking to lose some fat.

Circuit Training Routines – How To Do It

A good, effective circuit workout doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as combining 2-5 exercises (or more) and jumping from exercise to exercise until you’ve completed all exercises – that’s one set!

Depending on your current conditioning, you’ll do anywhere from 1 set to 3 sets or more.

Let’s go over an awesome circuit routine that I use when I want to lose fat quickly. It’s all about using compound exercises with dumb bells and/or barbells.

(10) reps of squats with a barbell

With no rest, immediately jump into…

(10) reps of barbell bench press

With no rest, immediately jump into…

(10) repsĀ  of barbell overhead press

With no rest, immediately jump into…

(10) reps of barbell row

This routine covers your entire body from head to toe and will give you an amazing fat burning effect.

There’s 4 total exercises that when completed equals 1 round, or 1 set.

Again, depending on your current conditioning, do anywhere from 1 set to 3 sets or more. If you find that you can barely get through this one set, stick with that one set, get better at it, and make it a goal to complete 2 full sets.

Once you can do 2 sets, make it a goal to do 3 sets, then 4 sets and 5 sets. You’ll eventually work your way up to doing 8 total sets which will have you burning quite a bit of fat. At that point, you would’ve made considerable positive progress in your physique.

Once you can do 8 sets, I recommend upping the amount of weight that you’re using to give yourself more of a challenge and to increase the intensity.

With the routine above, start off with light weight. This will take some time to figure out a weight that you can use that will have you completing the whole set.

You can either use one barbell for the whole set, or set up multiple stations; bench press, squat rack, etc., where you can jump from exercise to exercise. If your gym/home isn’t that crowded, this would be a great choice, but if you can’t do this, execute each exercise using just one pair of dumbbells or one barbell.

Circuit Training Routines – No Weights?

What if you don’t have weights, a barbell, or dumbbells?

The next best thing is to simply use your own body weight.

Body weight workouts can be just as effective and you can get a workout in regardless of where you’re located.

Here’s an example of a great body weight workout that you can use as a circuit:

(1) set of sprints (if indoors, use a treadmill, stationary bike, or simply run in place as fast as you can) for 30 seconds

With no rest, immediately jump into…

(1) set of 10 push ups (can’t do 10? Do as many as you can and work your way up to getting at least 10)

With no rest, immediately jump into…

(1) set of 10 pull ups (you’ll need a bar that you can hang on for this)

With no rest, immediately jump into…

(1) set of 10 dips (you’ll need 2 chairs or something stable that you can perform dips on)

Once you’ve completed this, repeat anywhere from 1-8 total sets.

Circuit Training Routines – Results To Expect

This may seem intense to you…

That’s because IT IS!

The very first time I did a circuit workout, I was on the floor huffing and puffing. It took me a good 5-10 minutes to catch my breathe.

It was intense!

But it works great at burning maximum fat in minimal time just like high intensity interval training does.

They’re pretty much the same basic principle; short, but intense workouts.

When you do 1-3 of these a week, you’ll notice results very quickly if you stick with it.

Use the above circuit training routines mixed in with some wise eating habits and you’re golden!

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