Exercises During Pregnancy

Exercises During PregnancyMany people think that when you’re pregnant it’s a free pass to lazy-ville and doing exercises during pregnancy isn’t necessary when in reality, it’s just as important as any other time of your life. And maybe even more so since exercise doesn’t only benefit you, but also your unborn baby. It’s common sense that laziness is not good for anyone’s health. It’ll only lead to unnecessary weight gain, weakened muscles, lower endurance and wasted and drained energy.

Instead of lying down on the couch all day watching your favorite re-runs of Friends or Law and Order, why don’t you get up, get active, and get fit during this pregnancy? Exercises during pregnancy come in many forms; all you have to do is choose the one that’s best for you.

Top 5 Exercises During Pregnancy That You Can Do


There are many different exercises to choose from while you’re pregnant. And don’t think a big belly and the inability to see your own feet is going to get in the way of progress. Here are top 5 exercises you can do while pregnant.

1) Walking is the best cardiovascular exercise a pregnant woman can do. It’s good for the heart, the joints, the muscles, and you can safely do it during your entire pregnancy term.

2) Swimming is a great way to give your entire body the workout it needs to stay fit and flexible. Plus, it’ll probably be the only time during your pregnancy that you’ll feel as light as a feather.

3) Dancing is a fun way to maintain your endurance, strength, and flexibility. Whether your doing the funky chicken or the mashed potatoes (hungry yet?) be sure to always start of with a few stretches to loosen up the muscles.

4) Yoga is perfect for building strength while keeping your muscles lean and flexible. Many have experienced quicker and less painful vaginal births after consistently doing yoga throughout their pregnancy.

5) Tai Chi consists of slow and gentle movements that continually flow. It’s a great way to relieve stressed and tense muscles as well as build energy and strength. Not only is it relaxing for the body, but also for the mind.

Benefits of Exercises During Pregnancy

Exercising benefits everyone, whether you’re pregnant or not. And that’s why everyone should make it a part of their lifestyle and daily routine. Exercising doesn’t always mean a 2 hour session at the gym. It can be anything that will get your blood flowing, your heart pumping, and your muscles strong.

A few benefits you can realize from doing exercises during pregnancy would be weight loss. Yes, that’s right it’s OK to lose weight while you’re pregnant as long as you’re doing it naturally and eating a well balanced diet. No mother-to-be should intentionally try to lose weight, but if you’re exercising and eating right most of the weight you lose will most likely be excess water weight or excess fat. For women who start their pregnancy overweight or obese, some doctors might even recommend losing a few pounds for the health of the mother and baby.

Exercising can also help to make the muscles more limber. This can potentially help make labor and delivery more bearable. Not too mention, if you continually condition your muscles during pregnancy you’ll find that you have better muscle control which is an advantage for those delivering naturally.

One benefit to doing exercises during pregnancy that many moms would appreciate greatly is the ability to get back their pre-baby weight and body sooner rather than later. Exercising will help you regulate your weight gain, burn calories and build muscles that help to burn fat during pregnancy. This makes getting back in shape after giving birth a whole lot easier.

Don’t Think Twice About Doing Exercises During Pregnancy…

It’s a no brainer. It’s good for you, it’s good for the baby, and it’s a great way to experience a happy and healthy pregnancy. And it doesn’t have to stop once the baby is out either; continue to benefit from exercises during pregnancy and make it an essential part of your lifestyle.


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