Fasting For Weight Loss – Is It Effective

Do people actually do fasting for weight loss?Fasting For Weight Loss

When I first got introduced to fasting it was because of spiritual reasons. I wanted to “cleanse my spirit” so to speak and to be able to more aware.

Did it work? Yes.

And it did a whole lot more than that. The benefits were simply amazing.

There’s a lot to write about fasting and fasting for weight loss so don’t be surprised if you see multiple posts on this topic.

But what you’re here for right now is to get information on how, if even possible, to lose weight by fasting.

Is fasting for weight loss really effective?


The short answer?

Absolutely, YES!

When I started my journey of fasting, I did it for spiritual reasons.

I wanted more clarity in life and I figured fasting from food would be a good idea.

I started off with doing a full 24 hour fast.

So basically, I’d do dinner one night, to dinner the next night.

What that means is, I’d eat normally on the day I planned to start my fast, eat my dinner, then fast like everyone else does through the night.

When I wake up, I’d drink some water and go about my day.

I’d skip breakfast, lunch, and when it came time for dinner, that’s when I’d break my fast.

During this whole time, I’d feel energetic. But it wasn’t always like that (remind me to tell you about that in a future post).

The thing that really surprised me was that yes, I had more clarity, my body was being cleansed but not only that, when I fasted, I noticed that I was leaner.

I was feeling thinner.

And I was.

During that day, I’d lose a few pounds of fluid and burn a bit of body fat.

That’s when I began fasting for weight loss…

The benefits kept adding up.

First it was for spiritual reasons…

Then, to get more clarity…

Then, fasting to lose that extra bit of fat, or in my case at the time, to stay and keep lean.

If you look at a lot of cultures that practice fasting for whatever reason, usually for spiritual reasons, you’ll kind of notice a trend.

Many of them, not all of them, are fairly lean.

They don’t carry too much body fat.

Their secret?


Although the main reason why they fast is for spiritual reasons and not fasting for weight loss…

They’re still seeing the benefits that it provides.

If you want to see your body detoxify itself from toxins, then fasting will play a huge role in this.

When you’re fasting for weight loss, you’re not taking in any food.

If you are, even if it’s chicken soup or broth of some kind, then it’s not a true fast.

A true fast is where you take in nothing but water, which helps to flush your body of all the toxins.

So when you’re not taking in any food, this gives your body the ability to tap into excess fat stores to be used for energy.

What ends up happening is that you lose a bit of body fat.

It won’t be pounds and pounds of body fat because there’s a process that the body goes through to lose fat and it usually takes awhile longer to see pounds and pounds of body fat melt away.

But you’ll see fluid loss and what we really want, fat loss.

If I were just starting out with fasting for weight loss…

I’d take it a bit slower than I did.

I’d start with first eliminating breakfast once a week (it’s really not the most important meal of the day).

If I feel I could handle it, I’d do it for multiple times a week, if not every single day.

Then, I’d eliminate lunch for one day.

So for a full day, I’d go without breakfast and lunch and then I’d eat dinner, basically making it a 24 hour fast.

I believe every person should at least experience a few 24 hour fasts, unless of course you have some kind of medical condition (diabetic, etc.).

Even then, you can still partake of fasting but with much more care and with the advice of a professional, but we won’t get into that in this post.

Fasting for weight loss is only a strategy, one that works extremely well to lose body fat, get lean and stay lean.

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