Fat Burning Belt – Do They Really Work?

Ever seen a fat burning belt? Fat burning belt

Do you think that these huge belts are effective in burning stomach fat?

There’s quite a few products out in the market designed to burn fat on your belly by pushing a few buttons or through some kind of temperature increasing method.

In our quest to lose belly fat, we come across such devices and often times wonder if they actually work as advertised.

Will putting on a fat burning belt give me the fit stomach I’ve been dreaming about?

Let’s find out.

Fat Burning Belt – The Different Products


There’s products in the market that come and go, some stay longer than others.

There’s a tummy tuck product that’s designed to increase the temperature around the belly, which supposedly burns fat throughout the day.

Just 10 minutes a day, 2 times a day and you’ll be burning fat all day long.

There’s another belly burning belt that basically does the same thing, increases the temperature around your stomach area.

Most of the products are designed around increasing the temperature around the abdomen area to help accelerate fat burning.

There was one belly burner belt that actually exercised your stomach FOR YOU!

Instead of you getting up, doing some crunches, going out for a run, it does it for you.

Fat Burning Belt – Do They Work?

So the question is, do these belts and devices actually work?

Consumer Reports did a short study on this (can’t find the link to the test) taking one of the belly burner belts for a test drive. They used it while going out for a jog and measured the total calories burned. What they found out was that there wasn’t any major differences in the amount of calories that they burned.

And if you really think about it, having a belt that’s designed to “burn fat” from one area of your body is virtually impossible. You can’t burn fat from one area of your body, fat burning happens all over.

We might as well sit in a sauna for 30 minutes a day and we’d see far better results, not to mention our skin would be fresher, our breathing cleared, and our body flushed of toxins.

Fat Burning Belt – The Reality

The reality is, anything that’s designed to replace your own efforts should be avoided.

They won’t get the job done any better than what you can do on your own, if they even make an impact at all.

The key to burning belly fat is to focus on full body cardiovascular exercise, a bit of dieting, and possibly some weight training to really shape your body the way you want.

That’s the “secret” recipe to getting the body of your dreams.

Hard work + persistence + action is the key, not some fat burning belt that’s here today and gone tomorrow!

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