Are There Really Foods That Should Be Avoided?

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“Are There Really Foods That Should Be Avoided?”

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” left_padding=”25″]Most people think they know the so-called “good” foods & the “bad” foods… yet you’d be surprised that the foods labeled as “Healthy”, are anything but. There’s more than just a few foods that should be avoided to keep your body healthy… not to mention the waistline, but let’s just cover 4 in this edition.

1) Artificial Sweeteners (Or any foods that contain this)

Many people, even professionals, have called artificial sweeteners the wave of the future as you can “eat your sweets and stay healthy”. But, these little, mini diamonds that taste just like sugar actually get in the way of your body’s natural ability to tell you, “hey, you’ve eaten too much, so STOP! What happens then? Well, you end up consuming more and more food. And what tends to happen more often then not is that you end up craving even more food sweets. What about diet soda, or diet pumpkins (ever heard of those? Neither have I)? Studies have shown that those “diet” foods can increase the risk for obesity (No thanks!).

2) Packaged Cereal

Yes, even the “healthy” ones! Many of these cereals have one of the biggest things that most people are trying to avoid… SUGAR. Then you’ve also got the GMO Corn. Some types of Oats uses sulfuryl fluoride to store their oats. This chemical is a toxic gas. Also, almost all cereals have preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. So be extra careful if you’re going to eat cereal. Make sure it doesn’t contain these things and you should be fine!

3) Frozen Pizza

Of course, any kind of pizza is filled with heavy carbs, cheese and sauces but if you’re going for the pizza, maybe, just maybe you’ll pass on the frozen pizza from your local supermarket. One of the biggest reasons? 1 slice of that frozen pizza has about one full days worth of salt! Ouch!  Not to mention the MSG from the cheese and dough and the tremendous amounts of fats.

4) Margarine

Do you remember not too long ago when the media was touting margarine as “healthier than butter”? Stick margarine has an excessive amount of trans-fats which causes damage to arteries and blood vessels. After many years, researchers discovered that natural butter was better than margarine… so if you enjoy a little butter on your pancakes, or on your bread, or even in your coffee (ever try that?), then go for the natural butter instead!

These are just 4 of the many foods that should be avoided… stay tuned as we discuss more on our weekly articles.


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