How Many Calories Burned Weight Lifting

People often wonder, “how many calories burned weight lifting”? Calories Burned Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is a great way to increase your strength as well as the muscle on your frame.

We all could use more muscle.

As you age, you lose a bit of muscle each and every year, so it’s definitely a wise choice to have a weight lifting regime.

Now, not many people will agree with this article especially the people who are exercise enthusiasts and I’ll get to the reason why here in a bit.

How Many Calories Burned Weight Lifting


The truth is is that you don’t really burn a ton of calories when you’re weight lifting.

Many people only burn a few hundred calories (depends on your body weight and overall exercise intensity), which is really not that much when you think about it.

Here’s my flat out opinion on weight training and cardio for burning calories.

For weight training, use it to build muscle and to get stronger, any calories burned is just an added benefit.

For cardio, use it MAINLY for endurance and a bit of calorie burning.

To lose most of the unwanted body fat, work on your diet!

Now here’s why I believe this and recommend this.

Like I said above, calories burned weight lifting is not going  to burn a ton of calories unless you’re doing a lot of moving around (circuit training) and taking less rest or no rest at all, which is really a form of cardio – might as well just hop on the treadmill for an hour.

Weight training is mainly a tool to get strong and to build a bit of muscle.

Cardio burns calories and that really depends on the type of cardio. If you’re sprinting for 20 minutes, you’ll burn a few hundred calories. If you’re walking for an hour, you might burn 300 calories.

I’d use cardio as a tool to increase your endurance and any caloric burn is just icing on the cake.

Of course a combination of working on your diet, a bit of cardio and a bit of weight training goes a long way.

This is how great physiques are built and maintained.

With all of that said, let’s use a simple formula to determine calories burned weight lifting.


(Your weight X the amount of time you lifted weights) X the intensity of your exercise.

Let’s first figure out our intensity.

If you’re doing a weight training routine like a professional bodybuilder, you’re burning roughly around 0.055 calories per pound of body weight per minute.

If you’re doing a light workout with light weights, then you’re burning roughly around 0.028 calories per pound of body weight per minute.

If you’re doing a circuit type of training with little to no rest, you’ll burn roughly around 0.042 calories and lifting with heavy loads or doing some sort of strength training will burn roughly around 0.039 calories.

I say “roughly around” because everyone’s different and not everyone’s routine is the same. You might start off with a circuit routine then move on to strength training so your numbers will be off a bit.

Just use this as a simple guideline.

Now, let’s go over an example using the formula above.

Let’s say you weigh 150 pounds and you worked out for 45 minutes doing a body building routine.

Here’s how that would look:

150 pounds X 45 = 6,750.

6,750 X 0.055 = 371.25 calories.

This gives you the calories burned weight lifting.

Now keep in mind this is just an estimate. You could’ve probably ended up burning 450 calories or just 250 calories.

It depends on how much weight you lifted, your intensity, your weight, the time you worked out, your rest periods during sets, what you did during your rest periods, etc.

As stated above, use weight training mainly to get stronger and to build a bit of muscle. Any calories that you burn are an added benefit.

Depending on how much you weigh, calories burned weight lifting can be much greater by doing a combination of exercises.

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