How To Build Lean Muscle Fast!

How to build lean muscle fast is by first learning exactly what lean muscle is. How To Build Lean Muscle Fast!

Some people refer to lean muscle as building muscle without fat, and sure that makes a bit of sense, but in the real world can you really build muscle without fat gain?

The short answer, NO.

Generally speaking, to build muscle, you’ll need to be in a caloric surplus.

Whether that caloric surplus is just by 100 calories a day, or by 500 or 1,000 calories depends on you.

But what generally happens is that NOT all of that caloric surplus will be used for muscle growth.

So what ends up happening is that you’ll put some calories towards recovering from your weight training and a bit towards building up the muscle and a bit will go to your fat stores.

How To Build Lean Muscle Fast!


Whenever most people ask this question, what they actually mean is how to gain muscle without fat.

As we’ve outlined above, you won’t be able to do it.

With muscle gain, some fat will follow.

How much?

It depends on your caloric surplus.

So what exactly is lean muscle?

Lean muscle is the actual muscle tissue. Not fluids, water retention or anything else. It’s the actual muscle TISSUE.

This in my opinion is what people should be going after, the actual muscle tissue, which does take a bit longer to build than just sarcoplasmic growth (fluids, water, etc.).

If you want longer lasting muscle, go for the lean muscle tissue growth rather than the sarcoplasmic growth which is mainly excess fluids.

Here’s how to build lean muscle fast

The key is working with heavy loads.

Even going for a strength routine would be ideal because you’re getting stronger.

When you get stronger and able to lift heavier weight, you’ll be able to put on much more actual lean muscle tissue.

The higher up the reps you go, the more sarcoplasmic muscle growth you get.

This is fine if you’re looking for an illusion that you’re getting bigger, and in reality, you are getting bigger it’s just mainly by excess fluid in the muscle.

To build lean muscle fast, you’ll need to workout hard and intense with heavy weights.

This will break down the actual muscle tissue a lot more effectively than using lighter weights even if you’re going to failure.

How To Build Lean Muscle – Can It Be Done FAST?

Usually, lean muscle does take a bit longer to build but it’s all relative.

If you’re resting enough, truly putting in hard work in the gym whenever you’re at the gym and eating enough, you can start to see noticeable differences in just 1-3 months. There’s will see huge changes in 6-12 months.

For muscle growth, THAT’S FAST!

So whenever someone asks how to build lean muscle, you’ll know that it’s not about building muscle without fat, instead it’s about building lasting muscle tissue.

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