Insanity Beach Body – The Truth

The Insanity Beach Body program is a program that’s designed to help you lose Insanity beach body
weight quickly by vigorous exercise.

I’ve tried many exercise programs over the past several years, including insanity.

What are the benefits, and the cons of the program?

You’ve probably tried a lot of different exercise programs, or maybe this would be the first?

Regardless, you really have to figure out what you like or you’ll end up never doing the program.

Some people like boxing, so they should find some kind of program that incorporates boxing. Some people like home workouts, they should find a home workout program that they like.

When you find something that you like to do, then the chances of you sticking with it increases.

Insanity Beach Body – The Program


Let’s go over what this program is all about.

The insanity beach body program is 60 days long and consists of 10 different DVDs.

All of the workouts are practically the same, with some slight changes here and there to make it interesting from day to day, workout to workout.

This program is all about High Intensity Interval Training, or MAX Interval training.

You go full blast for a given period of time, then you take a short rest period and repeat.

It’s a proven exercise model that works!

Insanity Beach Body – Does It Work?

If you stick with it, yes, it will absolutely work for you.

It’s just like with any proven exercise program – work it hard, stick to it, stay consistent and you’ll see great progress.

Insanity is just that, a bit insane : )

I’ll get to WHY here in a bit.

Insanity Beach Body – Who Is It For?

Is insanity for you?

It really depends.

Are you extremely overweight or obese?

If yes, then I’d have to say that this program IS NOT for you!

The reason why is because insanity is a program that’s fairly high intensity. You’ll need to work your way up to that point if you haven’t been active in awhile.

If you’re a little bit overweight, then it may or may not be for you.

If you haven’t been active and are up for a challenge, then give it a try.

If you’re somewhat active and looking for a bigger challenge, give it a try.

And if you’re someone that’s already fairly fit? This could be a good maintenance program for you.

Insanity Beach Body – My Experience

I remember trying this program out for the first time when I was just starting my weight loss journey.

I put in the DVD ready to get a great workout in.

The first 10 minutes, I was sitting down. I couldn’t keep up.

Yes, I was overweight (235 pounds at 6ft./not active/work in front of a computer all day) so I knew what to expect, or so I thought.

I was down for the count after just 10 minutes in.

I did get back up after regaining my breathe, but I just couldn’t finish a full workout.

The next day, I took off from insanity and decided to just go for a jog.

I got back into it after a few days and really tried to give it my all. I still wasn’t able to complete a full workout.

So here I was, doing insanity here and there, but never completing a full workout.

This type of exercise program wasn’t for me.

The length of time plus the high intensity of it was just not something I was willing to do.

I was getting way better results with much simpler and easier ways by just working on my diet and doing some high intensity workouts.

Those high intensity workouts weren’t even half the time of insanity workouts.

Now, I’m not here to bash insanity because a lot of people have gotten good results from it.

But, for those who think that insanity is an easy program to do, it’s not.

Sure, you’ll get better overtime if you stick with it.

But I always come back to – getting just about the same, if not better, results from much simpler and easier ways.

I was able to lose all my weight with not much effort using simpler means.

If you want to exercise everyday with such high intensity to lose weight, then this is the program for you.

If you’d rather work on your diet a bit, do some high intensity cardio (for around 10-15 minutes ONLY 1-3 times a week) or even low intensity cardio (walking/jogging), and lift some weights 2-3 times a week, you’d probably get the same, if not better results.

As with anything, decide for yourself if the Insanity Beach Body program is something that you can stick with to reach your fitness goals.

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