Is Jacked 3d A Good Pre-Workout Supplement?

Are you interested in the jacked 3d (jack3d) workout supplement? Is Jacked 3d a Good Pre-Workout Supplement?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m going to let you know about my personal experiences with this pre-workout as well as a few other people’s experience with the supplement.

What is Jacked 3d?


Jack3d is a pre-workout supplement sold by USPLabs.

Many bodybuilders, aspiring bodybuilders, weight lifters, power lifters, and fitness enthusiasts take, or have taken, Jack3d to help with performance, strength and focus in the gym.

Just as with any pre-workout on the market, jacked 3d is meant to get you pumped up and ready to hit the weights hard.

Jacked 3d – My Experience

I first found out about jack3d when I was in the market for a pre-workout.

I usually don’t take a pre-workout, but since I usually workout early in the mornings around 5 AM, sometimes I need that extra boost, especially after a long night.

I decided to go looking for a pre-workout supplement.

I went searching for supplements online and one that I kept coming across was jack3d.

I read up on it, looked at both negative and positive reviews and decided to give it a shot.

It wasn’t as expensive as other pre-workout supplements and the taste wasn’t all that bad as well.

I initially took 1 scoop about 10-15 minutes before working out.

The first time I took it, I was alive, awake and enthusiastic!

I felt great!

And that was probably one of my top 5 workouts I’ve had.

That was the first time I ever took a pre-workout supplement.

After about 3 weeks, 1 scoop wasn’t doing as much as it used to. I upped it to 1-1/2 scoops but I didn’t get that initial “pump” I did when I first took it. The next workout I decided to go with 2 scoops. It worked, but again, not at the same level as the first time.

Yes, my body got used to the supplement and I needed double the serving size to get near the same effects.

This is how most pre-workout supplements are – after awhile, your body will get used to it so you’ll either need to increase the serving size or cycle it with another pre-workout.

Jacked 3d – Others Experience

I’ve spoken with a few people both online and offline that have taken jack3d as well.

There’s both positive and negative reviews.

A lot of people absolutely love it and swear by it.

Others, they had the same experience as I did and decided to either cycle it with other supplements and/or quit using it.

Other Things To Consider

Jack3d has, or had, the ingredient DMAA which was banned by the Department of Defense due to 2 U.S. Army soldiers dying of heart attacks with DMAA in their blood stream. That’s all I know about the situation. I’m not sure if they were taking Jack3d or some other supplement or drug with DMAA.

Was DMAA the reason for the deaths? I’m not sure, but that’s definitely something to consider before purchasing any workout supplement with DMAA in it.

DMAA may appear on the ingredient list as any of the following:

  • DMAA
  • Geranamine, Geranium oil, extract, or any part of the geranium plant
  • 1,3-Dimethylamylamine
  • 1,3-dimethylpentylamine
  • methylhexaneamine (MHA)
  • methylhexanamine
  • methylhexamine
  • 4-methyl-2-hexanamine
  • 2-amino-4-methylhexane
    List provided by Schmidtlaw

Should you try it?

With that said, should you take Jack3d?

Everyone is different.

Some people will respond to pre-workout supplements like Jacked 3d and others won’t.

Some people will continue to respond and get great results with pre-workout supplements, some people won’t.

For me, Jack3d is great for a few weeks and that’s it. I could always cycle it with other pre-workouts, but I’ve had far better results by taking nothing.

I workout fasted now and I’ve continued to increase my strength and seen great results from it.

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