Juicing To Lose Weight – Is It Effective?

Juicing to lose weight is something that’s been around now for a few years. Juicing to lose weight

Some people call it a fad diet, some people think it’s the best diet around and some people wonder if it’s really that effective in losing unwanted body fat.

There’s many ways to juice when you’re looking to lose weight.

I would say that juicing is a fantastic way to jump start a weight loss program.

You’ll be able to cleanse your system and fill it up with amazing nutrients that your body needs and desires.

Juicing To Lose Weight – 2 Ways


The 2 most common ways of using juice to lose weight is by:

1) Juice Fasting


2) Meal Replacements

Usually, when people talk about juicing for weight loss, they’ll either do it by using one of the above.

Let’s go over each one in more detail.

1- Juice Fasting.

With juice fasting, you’ll be going on an all juice fast for either a full day to a couple of days. We usually don’t recommend going over 7-10 days when it comes to juice fasting, although going over that time period won’t do any harm if you’re a normal healthy individual.

Anywhere between 3-7 days is a great way to jump start a weight loss program.

If you feel that consuming only juice would be difficult, you’re right.

Although, nothing worthwhile comes easy and juicing is actually an easier way to get rid of unwanted body fat compared to some alternatives.

If you think it’ll be difficult for you, try going with a meal replacement juice first, then move up to replacing 2 meals, then do a 24 hour juice fast. Start slowly and you’ll be able to gauge what you can handle.

2- Meal Replacements

Meal replacement juicing is a great way to break into the juicing lifestyle.

You can start out by replacing your breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply a snack with a nice fresh juice.

If you’re hesitant about going into a juice fast right away for a day or a couple of days, meal replacement juicing is your alternative.

I’d actually recommend replacing your breakfast first so you can feed your body all of those amazing nutrients early in the day.

You’ll start your day off on the right foot as well as notice an increase in energy because you’re not taking in a huge breakfast.

Start off by replacing your normal breakfast with a nice juice.

Then replace both your breakfast and lunch and just eat one meal (your dinner). The fat loss that you’ll see will be absolutely amazing!

Juicing To Lose Weight – How To Juice

In order to juice, you’ll of course need a juicer.

There’s plenty of juicers that you can find that should get the job done.

Be sure it can juice most fruits and vegetables and you’ll be fine.

Juicing To Lose Weight – What To Juice

You can juice just about any vegetable and/or fruit.

There’s plenty of recipes that you can find online.

Here’s one that I enjoy in the morning.

Beets, Apple and Mint:

You’ll need:

1 chopped beet

5 medium-sized chopped carrots

About a 1/4 cup of fresh mint sprigs

And 1 chopped apple


Throw all the ingredients into a juicer, stir and enjoy!

After you’ve been juicing for awhile, you’ll experiment more with different mixes, vegetables and fruits.

You’ll find out what your favorite juices are for the morning, for lunch and for dinner.

It all starts with that first juice!

Who should and shouldn’t use juicing to lose weight?

Most people can juice either by doing a juice fast or a meal replacement juice.

If you have any kind of sickness or ailment and want to be extra sure that you can partake in a juice fast for an extended period of time, check with a doctor beforehand.

Juicing to lose weight can be your ticket to a healthier, leaner and more fit YOU!

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