Losing Weight, Gaining Self

You have to wonder why losing weight is so hard for many? It’s the never ending New Year’s resolution, the seemingly unreachable goal, the long winding road to health and happiness (which often takes a detour during holidays).

If there was one simple straightforward answer as to why losing weight is so hard it would have to be because gaining weight is so easy. Think about it, if you had it easy both ways then life’s challenges will cease to exist and losing weight is just one of many life’s challenges.

That may sound good for many of you, but challenges in life actually help us grow and makes us better individuals. It develops our character, makes us stronger, makes us wiser, and builds strength, courage and endurance for the long road ahead. There are many things in life that illustrates this theory; the theory of why one aspect comes easier than the other. For example, getting married is easy, but staying married is almost impossible these days. Just ask 50% of married couples who get divorced. Having children is easy, but raising them is a nightmare (sometimes). Starting school be it high school or college is easy, but finishing it or at least surviving through it is hard. And lastly, starting a small bowl of ice cream is easy, but stopping at on one pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey can be a little difficult (especially after a break-up if you know what I mean). Is any of this making any sense?

Yet through out the hardships we face, the trials, the obstacles, the challenges of life; if we’re able to come out on the other side with our heads held high, our dignity in tact and overcome and become successful in whatever we set out to achieve then we know that we’re better off than we started, some way some how. When you make that decision to lose weight you’re not only losing excess pounds and fat but you’re also gaining your self. A much stronger, wiser, healthier self. The one that’s not deterred by miles of exhausting runs, or hours of literal gut-busting gym sessions, or days of caloric deficit and enduring agonizing hunger pangs (because you no longer eat every hour on the hour).

Think of it as not just losing weight or “dieting” but more like an initiation to a life improvement.


Getting started is easy, but it’s a long and hard journey that will take commitment, courage and crazy will. Through it all you’ll see that you have more than just a waist to gain, you’ll gain your self.


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