Losing Weight Safely – Is It Really That Difficult?

Is losing weight safely really that difficult? Losing Weight Safely

When it comes to losing weight, what most people are actually looking to lose is unwanted body fat.

Let’s first ask this question…

Is there a way to lose unwanted body fat that’s actually harmful?

I’d say that there’s very few ways to lose fat that’s actually harmful to your body.

Some people would say that not eating is a dangerous way to lose fat, but that couldn’t be further from the truth as fasting for weight loss can be a very effective strategy to lose fat.

But other than taking massive amounts of unnatural medications, pills, potions and formulas, if you take in less than you burn, you’ll lose weight.

Whether you want to do that through diet and exercise, just diet alone, or by exercising alone, then it’s totally safe if you’re a person that doesn’t have any health complications.

Losing weight safely can start with looking at what you’re currently eating.


Once you’ve taken a look at what you’re eating on a daily/weekly basis, then you can look at where the problem is.

You’re taking in too many calories, too much food and the excess is turning into fat.

We first have to attack the cause of the problem before we can fix it.

So it’s very important to know what you’re eating and taking in on a daily and weekly basis.

The next thing you have to do to lose weight safely is to figure out how to lessen the amount of food you’re eating.

There’s many many strategies for doing this.

Some are effective, and others not so much.

I’ve tried many different diets and have figured out that not all of them truly work the way they’re suppose to.

Some make you more hungry, some set you up to gain back all of the weight you lost, and then some.

Losing weight safely is all about finding a way of eating that works for YOU!

That’s natural and that isn’t very long.

This depends on how much body fat you have to lose. If you have 5-20 pounds of body fat to lose, a good 3 months should be all you need.

If you have 25 pounds to 50 pounds, then I’d say 3-6 months would be a good target.

If you have 50-100 pounds of fat to lose, then 6-12 months is a proper goal.

More than that, then you may be looking into around a year or longer.

Now that you’ve got a target goal for how long this journey might take, it’s time to figure out your game plan.

I’ve found that going on a low carb diet for about month to 1/3rd of your target goal time helps to get rid of fat and water weight quickly.

It’s not unheard of to lose 30 pounds or even more your first month.

Even when you’re losing weight safely, you can see amazing results quickly!

I’d then slowly introduce carbohydrates back and start implementing an exercise program, if you haven’t already.

I highly recommend weight training because you’ll be able to add much needed muscle mass to your frame which will only help you in life…

…not to mention that you’ll look really great!

To lose weight safely, the most important thing to do is to not stress over it.

Don’t obsess about it, just come up with a plan and execute.

In due time, you’ll be able to lose all the weight you want.

Everyone is different and everyone’s goals are not the same.

So we can only do so much in a single blog post.

I hope this helps you out a bit in realizing that there’s ways to losing weight safely, and if executed correctly, you’ll have nothing to worry about…

…unless of course you’re taking unnatural medications, pills, potions, formulas and/or drugs.

Then you have a whole host of other problems to deal with.

But I’m pretty sure you’re not one of those people if you’re reading this!

Losing weight safely is all about doing it the natural way.

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