The Best Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Are you looking for healthy snacks for weight loss? Healthy snacks for weight loss

When it comes to losing weight, snacking can be a great way to ward off those pesky hunger pains we all get.

It can help you to feel full all the while taking in very little calories.

Combine this with a proper diet and you’re well on your way to achieving the body of your dreams!

Finding yummy, healthy snacks for weight loss doesn’t have to be difficult.


You don’t have to get too creative either.

What I’ve seen a few people do is to get really creative in figuring out snacks that they can eat while dieting down, but in the process they end up complicating the process and never sticking to their diet.

They get the cravings, they wonder why they’re not losing weight, they wonder why their diet program isn’t working, etc.

It’s because they made snacking too complicated and started adding other ingredients to their “healthy snacks” to only add in extra calories, all in the name of making it taste good.

We’re not going to do that!

We’re going to keep it simple so we can stick to our diets and eventually see our dream body!

The Best Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

So let’s get to it! The best healthy snacks for weight loss:

1) Boiled Eggs

The first one is boiled eggs. Not everyone likes eggs but to those who do, boiled eggs are a perfect snack with just around 60-70 calories, depending on the size. Eggs also have around 6 grams of protein which is a huge plus! And don’t think about taking out the yolks! Eat the whole egg! Don’t worry about the cholesterol in eggs if you’re just eating a few a week.

One or two boiled eggs a day will keep you feeling full and excited about your weight loss results!

2) Salad

Any kind of salad makes a great healthy snack. Put one cup of romaine lettuce with some tomatoes, a little lemon and maybe even a little Parmesan cheese. Depending on what you put in it, it can come out to around 150 – 200 calories for this one snack.

3) Trail Mix

You know those trail mixes you can buy at the store? Those make for a great snack that you can enjoy! If you need a quick snack, buy a bag of trail mix and grab a handful (a normal handful!). Or make it healthier by buying some drier fruit like cranberries, raisins or cherries, add them in with some walnuts and/or almonds and you have yourself a quick and healthy snack.

4) Yogurt

Yogurt makes for a perfect snack, just be sure you have a refrigerator to store it in. If you can find the all naturalĀ  yogurt, go for that instead of the ones loaded with extra sugar. Add in some blueberries or even some strawberries and you have yourself an amazing healthy snack.

5) Carrots and hummus

Carrots and hummus makes for a great healthy snack that’s both enjoyable and delicious to eat. If you’re daring, just a small teaspoon or tablespoon of non-fat or low-fat ranch dressing will make this even more delicious. The low calories in this snack makes it a go-to source.

6) Fruit

We save the best for last, fruits, no really! This is probably the best healthy snack for losing weight around. All natural and the sweetness of most fruits makes this a perfect snack for those sweet tooth cravings.

Whenever I feel like a snickers bar or a twix while dieting, I’ll reach for a granny smith apple instead. When I’m done eating the apple, I feel full and I’ve fed my body with vitamins and nutrients that I wouldn’t have had if I ate the chocolate bar instead.

Apples, grapes, oranges, bananas, berries, these are my go to sources of healthy snacks for weight loss!

So be sure to stock up on fruits the next time you’re in the grocery store!

Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss – Keep It Interesting

In order not to get bored, switch up your snacks around.

One day, decide you’ll have 2 servings of fruit as your healthy snack. The next day, you’ll have a handful or two of trail mix, the next day – some yogurt, the next – carrots and hummus, etc.

This way you’re excited about “snack time” and you’ll have variety in your life.

Use these healthy snacks for weight loss to help you reach your goal in no time flat!

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