The Best Way To Gain Weight

The best way to gain weight is to simplify the process. The best way to gain weight

The #1 reason why people don’t gain weight is because they’re over-complicating the issue.

Let’s find out the reason why you want to gain weight and how to do it effectively.

If you’re looking to pack on weight, you have to ask yourself why?

The Best Way To Gain Weight – Why?


Have you been told you were too skinny?

Are you looking to add muscle?

Trying to make a weight class for a sporting competition?

Whatever the reason, you have to get the goal in your head, the WHY.

Once you have your WHY, you’ll be able to proceed with your goals with a determined spirit because sometimes, it won’t be easy.

The Best Way To Gain Weight – Your Goals

Let’s go over the main reasons why people are looking to put on weight.

– Too skinny

If you’re too skinny, I can understand why you want to put on some weight. I was there throughout all of my teen years and I tried and tried to put on weight.

I’d put on some weight here and there, but didn’t get close to my goals.

You won’t have to worry about not reaching your goals, because I’ve figured out the best way to add good weight to your frame.

– Add some muscle

You’re looking to add some muscle. Muscle is an important tissue in our bodies as it helps us function in our everyday life. We start to lose muscle mass around the age of 50, so I believe it’s very important to put on, or at least try to maintain, as much muscle as we can.

– Trying to make a weight class for a sporting competition

If you’re into sports and want to try and move up a weight class, then you’d fall under this category.

Regardless of which category you fall under, it’s important to know WHY you want to put on weight.

We’ll also come to realize that we most likely don’t want to put on just any kind of weight, e.g., fat.

We most likely want to put on MUSCLE, right?


So to eat everything in sight wouldn’t make sense, we’d only get fatter and fatter, contributing to the ever increasing obesity rate worldwide.

Probably not the best route to take.

The Best Way To Gain Weight – The Right Way

To avoid getting fat, we’ll need to incorporate a few things:

1- Exercise/Resistance Training

In order for us not to get fat, we need to make sure that we’re following a good weight lifting routine. I like to do 3 days a week of heavy weight training a week, on non-consecutive days. See The Most Effective Weight Lifting Schedule to get ideas of when to train.

Without lifting weights or doing some kind of resistance training, we’ll get fat and our health will deteriorate.

A weight lifting/resistance training program is a must if you want to put on solid weight that will make you look good, instead of just big and fat.

2- Cardio/Stretching

I put stretching along with cardio because the reality is, we don’t really need to do cardio to gain control of fat gain. If we’re doing resistance training (lifting weights), and we have our eating right, cardio is not a necessity. In fact, if you’re really skinny, it’s best to probably cut down, or totally avoid doing a lot of cardio so you can use those calories to build muscle instead.

To take the place of cardio, a good stretching routine every morning/afternoon/night will do.

10-15 minutes of stretching your whole body will help with muscle soreness, recovery, helping with transporting of essential nutrients to your entire body, and help with overall flexibility.

3- Eating The Right Way

And of course, we have to EAT! Eat more than we’re burning so we can be in a caloric surplus. But does that mean we should eat everything in sight? The fast foods, the Mcdonalds, the Burger Kings?

Probably not.

The fat content in most fast foods are outrageous, when combined with carbohydrates and a caloric surplus, you’ll easily store fat.

My go to meat source is chicken breast, turkey, ground beef, and steaks.

All good meats to help you pack on muscle.

The Best Way To Gain Weight – How Much Of A Caloric Surplus?

Some people will tell you to eat 5,000, 6,000, even 10,000 calories a day to gain weight.

I think that’s a fast way to fat city, even if you’re weight lifting.

Now the only caveat to that is if you’re doing lots of cardiovascular activity, involved in any sports, or very active on a day to day basis, then you can get away with eating such enormous amounts of foods.

Take for example Michael Phelps who reportedly eats around12,000 calories a day. He’s very active on a daily basis for hours a day so he can eat lots of foods.

If you’re not that active, then a 100 to a maximum of 500 caloric surplus should be fine.

Anymore than that and you run the risk of putting on more fat than you’d like.

The tips shared in this article is the absolute best way to gain weight without getting too big and fat.

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