The Best Weight Lifting Routine To Get You Results

Ever read about a weight lifting routine in a magazine? Weight lifting routine

Have you ever tried one of them and didn’t see good results?

I have and it wasn’t fun. Wasting time, money and effort isn’t a good thing.

We want to get into the gym, get out and get results.

Many of those magazines outline “bodybuilder routines” with lots of isolation movements that won’t really get you the results you’re looking for.

Those routines work for those bodybuilders because many of them are on special enhancements AKA steroids.

They can do any kind of routine, lift very light weights, be in the gym for hours upon hours, every single day, and see results.

Us naturals, we can’t do that.

We have to workout in a way that gets us results.

The Best Weight Lifting Routine – What’s Your Goals?


Just like what I outline in The Most Effective Weight Lifting Schedule, there’s generally 4 reasons why people pick up some weight:

1) Muscle Building

2) Fat Loss

3) Power Lifting

4) Maintenance

Today, I’ll go over the first one – Muscle Building.

If we get enough emails or comments from people asking about the other 3, I’ll write up separate posts on those.

The Best Weight Lifting Routine – Muscle Building

So we know that we really can’t rely on one of those magazine weight training routines.

If it’s filled with isolation exercises like dumbbell bicep curls or tricep extensions, then move on, your results won’t be that great.

When you’re looking to build muscle, the best way to do it is through compound movements. Things like the bench press, over head presses, rows and pull ups.

A few isolation exercises at the end won’t do any harm.

If you’re just getting started, then I’d recommend you go to the gym or lift weights no more than about 3-4 times a week.

Don’t try to split up every single body part into it’s own separate day, that’s just like working on isolation movements.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of stimulation in order to see growth, that’s if you’re lifting hard and heavy, just like you should be doing if you’re looking to build lean muscle.

The Best Weight Lifting Routine – Upper Body/Lower Body

The best thing to do to get your strength up quickly is to do an upper/lower body split routine.

This is where you work your upper body one day, then your lower body on your next workout day.

I also recommend working out on non-consecutive days, so if you workout on Monday, take Tuesday off then hit the gym again on Wednesday, so on and so forth.

With this routine, I was able to see my strength increase quickly along with changes in the way my body looked; I was more muscular and lean looking.

I first did this routine 3-4 days a week, every other day;

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday —>>> Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday

I did this for about 3 months straight and burnt out because I was training too hard too often.

So I switched it to 3 days a week and started seeing amazing results in muscular growth.

A Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or any schedule that suits you where you’re not working out on consecutive days will work great.

This type of weight lifting routine will allow you to lift heavy and get the much needed rest that your body needs.

In order for muscle to grow, you need to let it recover. Give it the time it needs so you can see results.

The problem that a lot of people see is that they’re going to the gym 5 or 6 times a week and not letting their muscle recover. The end up not growing, or at least not as quickly as they’d hope. Don’t be one of them!

Following the above weight lifting routine WILL get you some amazing results quickly.

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