The Lemonade Detox Diet – The Truth!

Are you wanting to find out the truth about the lemonade detox diet? The lemonade detox diet

Where it originated from, what’s it all about and if it’s an effective way to “cleanse” the body and lose weight.

There’s many different kinds of cleanses or detox diets out there, but the question is, are they even necessary?

The answer is no as the body naturally cleanses/detoxifies itself. It has it’s own natural ways to do that, otherwise we’d need to periodically take time out every week/month/year to do a detox, which isn’t the case.

With that said, natural cleanses and detox diets are a fantastic way to give your body a break from eating as well as losing a bit (or a lot) of extra weight.

The Lemonade Detox Diet – Its Origin


The lemonade detox diet, also known as The Master Cleanser, originated sometime in 1940 by Stanley Burroughs.

Many people have taken the lemon diet ever since, with a more recent (1970’s) version being the one that people refer to for the diet protocol.

The Lemonade Detox Diet – What’s It All About

The lemon diet is a diet protocol that consists of taking in nothing else but water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. It’s essentially a fast but with water and lemon juice only.

You’ll take in between 8 glasses of water mixed with about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. You can add in 2 tablespoons of Grade B Maple Syrup and a 1/10 of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper per glass.

You’re also free to take in a laxative tea to help with any constipation issues that may arise.

Some people do this detox diet plan for 7 days, others can only handle a few days (1, 2, 3, 4 days). For best results, try to go for a 3 day lemon detox. If you like it, eventually make your way to doing a 7 day detox another time.

The Lemonade Detox Diet – Good For Weight Loss?

This diet isn’t really meant to be a long-term diet. Sure, it’s a great way to jump start your diet and to cleanse your system.

But in terms of losing fat and not just fluids, water weight, and even muscle, it’s not a great diet.

A good plan would be to go on a 7 day lemon diet and then to switch to another longer term diet to lose the rest of the weight.

The lemon diet is however very beneficial in;

– Cleansing your body of toxins

– Cleansing your digestive system and kidneys

– Reduce inflammation in the body

And many people have reported that pains, muscle aches, arthritis and many other ailments have been healed due to this type of diet/detox.

If you want to try what I believe is the “master of all cleanses/detox diets”, try a regular fast.

It’s a bit more challenging but definitely worth it in terms of jump starting your weight loss and cleansing your body.

To summarize, the lemonade detox diet has its benefits and can help jump start your diet, but it’s definitely not a diet plan to follow for long-term weight loss results.

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