The Most Effective Workout Routines To Build Muscle

Finding the most effective workout routines to build muscle is not an easy task. Workout routines to build muscle

If you’re going at it alone, you’re likely to make plenty of mistakes, and possibly even see no muscle gains.

But take into consideration all of the different variables to build muscle, apply them and train hard, you’re likely to see muscle pop up much quicker than before.

Don’t just take the muscle magazine’s workout routines and copy it.

A lot (not all) of the people on those magazines do take “enhancements”, so anything will make them build muscle.

For us naturals, we need to take into consideration a few variables.

Workout Routines To Build Muscle – The Variables


1) Rest

You need rest, lots of it! If you’re lifting heavy weights to build muscle, your central nervous system (CNS), your muscles, and your overall body needs rest. What this means is that after you train a muscle group, you need to let it completely rest before hitting it again.

2) Recovery

It goes without saying, you need to recover. Eating the proper amounts of foods to build muscle, resting, making sure you get enough protein to allow your muscles to re-build… these are all important factors that we need to take into consideration before we set up a workout routine.

3) Frequency

How many times you workout a given muscle group. Work it out too often and you may not see progress. Don’t work it out enough and you’ll lose out on strength and muscle gains.

Workout Routines To Build Muscle – Various Routines

There’s various different workout routines out there.

Depending on your goals, which one will work the best?

You have:

– One muscle group per day (chest on Monday, back on Tuesday, etc.)

– Large muscle group with small muscle (chest and triceps on Monday, back and biceps on Tuesday, etc.)

– Opposing muscle groups (chest and back on Monday, biceps and triceps on Tuesday, etc.)

– Upper body / Lower body (chest, back, shoulders, arms one day, legs and calves the next)

– Push/Pull/Legs (pushing exercises – chest, shoulders and triceps, pulling – back and biceps, Legs)

Workout Routines To Build Muscle – Which One?

All of these work!

But there are some which work better than others.

I’ve tried all of them except the one muscle group per day.

I think that’s a bit overboard and you’ll end up in the gym 5 days a week. I understand some people like being in the gym, but you have to figure out WHY it is that you like being in the gym?

Is it because you like pumping iron?

Is it because you like to see the opposite sex?

Is it because you like the results it produces?

I think it’s the last one, right?

For most people, it is.

They want to get in the gym for a certain result, e.g., lose weight, build muscle, get toned, etc.

With that being said, going to the gym to LIFT WEIGHTS 5 days a week, may not be the best way to get the results you’re looking for – building some muscle.

If we go back up to the different variables above, we want to make sure we’re resting, recovering, and hitting the muscles properly.

And the most effective routine will take that into consideration.

Generally, we want to workout on NON-CONSECUTIVE days.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday for example.

Or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

The 2 Best Workout Routines To Build Muscle that I use/used is the upper body/lower body split and the push/pull/legs split.

Those 2 will give you the best results.

And I’ve seen the best results with just 3 days a week of lifting weights.

I use to go 4 days a week, every other day, but I burnt out and my muscle gains were dismal.

I’ll be experimenting with lifting weights just 2-3 days a week here soon.

So that might look like this:

Monday – Workout,

Tuesday and Wednesday OFF,

Thursday – Workout,

Friday and Saturday OFF, etc.

For now, 3 days a week will get you amazing results.

With the upper body/lower body workout routine, it can look something like this:

Monday – Upper Body (Chest, Shoulders and Back)

Tuesday – OFF

Wednesday – Lower Body (Legs, calves and arms)

Thursday – OFF

Friday – Upper Body (Chest, Shoulders and Back

Saturday and Sunday – OFF


The Push/Pull/Legs routine can look something like this:

Monday – Push (chest, shoulders and triceps)

Tuesday – OFF

Wednesday – Pull (back and biceps)

Thursday – Off

Friday – Legs & calves

Saturday and Sunday – OFF

You can change up the days according to your schedule, but for best results, workout on non-consecutive days.

┬áThe key to making this all work…

The key to making this all work is to workout with the right intensity.

If you’re working out with the pink dumbbells, yes, even if you’re a woman, you won’t get ANY results!

Don’t be afraid to pick up the heavy weights. Test yourself, make sure you’re always giving your muscles a challenge.

Then, let it rest and recover.

That’s the key to making these workout routines to build muscle work!

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