The Top 3 Dumbbell Chest Exercises To Lose Weight And Build Muscle

A lot of people wonder if using dumbbell chest exercises is an effective tool to help in their Dumbbell Chest Exercises
weight loss and muscle building journey.

And if you think building muscle isn’t one of your goals, then stay tuned for a future post about that!

Regardless if you’re a woman, man, young or old, you need to have a muscle building routine in your fitness program, it’ll only help you in life, not to mention how great you’ll look!

Dumbbell chest exercises is definitely something you want to add to your routine regardless if you’re trying to lose weight or gain a bit of muscle.

I feel that using dumbbells is probably THE best tool to help get you in shape.

Barbells comes next.

The stabilization and balance that you need when using dumbbells is greater than using a barbell, so what ends up happening is that your body is working a lot harder with dumbbells.

You end up using more calories and muscle recruitment.

So yes, using dumbbell chest exercises is definitely an effective tool!


The Top 3 Dumbbell Chest Exercises:

1) I will always recommend the incline dumbbell bench press as the TOP exercise for most people. The reason? Most people’s upper chest is lagging, completely flat. When using dumbbells with this exercise, you’ll be able to really target the upper chest. In your chest routine, I’d recommend starting with this exercise at least 75% of the time.

What you’ll need:

– An adjustable bench press, or an incline bench press.

– A pair of dumbbells

– Some weights

How to execute this exercise:

Simply grab the dumbbells and while sitting down on the bench, place them on the top of your thighs. When you’re ready to execute the exercise, simply lay back and kick the dumbbells up into the air while you’re laying back so you end up in the incline position. The dumbbells should be at near your head, not up in the air. Then simply push up and then push down.

2) The 2nd top dumbbell chest exercise would have to be the flat dumbbell bench press. This exercise targets the whole chest and really the whole upper body to some degree, as well as your triceps.

What you’ll need:

See above

How to execute this exercise:

This exercise is basically the same as the incline. The only difference is that the bench press is laying flat instead of at an incline position. So the basic execution is the same as above.

3) The 3rd and last dumbbell chest exercise that I recommend is the decline dumbbell bench press. This hits your lower chest a lot more than the other 2 exercises. Some people have great lower chests and others don’t. If you’re in the latter, definitely add this exercise into your routine.

What you’ll need:

See above

How to execute this exercise:

All dumbbell chest exercises are essentially the same, except for the position of the bench. With the decline bench press, the position of the bench is lowered instead of flat or inclined. The execution is the same as the above 2 exercises.

These are the Top 3 dumbbell chest exercises that are the most effective!

Whether you’re looking to lose some fat or build some muscle, you should some how incorporate these into your routine.

How you set up your routine is up to you, but I’d recommend doing the weight lifting first before doing any kind of cardio.

Then of course, I’d recommend starting off with the incline dumbbell bench press.

You could even do a circuit where you rotate through each dumbbell chest exercises above.

You could start off with the incline dumbbell bench, then go to the flat dumbbell bench, then the decline bench and then repeat that maybe 1 or 2 more times.

That’s all you need in order to get an amazing workout!

Use these dumbbell chest exercises and be sure to let me know how it goes!

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