The Truth About Muscle Toning Workouts – Must Read!

When most people think about muscle toning workouts, they think about The Truth About Muscle Toning Workouts - Must Read!high repetition weight lifting or lifting the pink dumbbells (very light weight).

But is that really what it takes to tone up the muscles, or is it a sure-fire way to losing lean muscle?

People generally think that toning up is all about losing a bit of fat on the body, sculpting the muscle and getting that lean look.

This is definitely true, especially for women. Most women would love to get rid of that little bit of jiggle around the hips, waist, and arms.

For most men, we don’t think about “toning up”, we like to refer to it as “getting shredded” or “getting cut up”, which is basically the same thing.

Muscle Toning Workouts – The Problem


The problem with muscle toning workouts is that they don’t take into consideration diet, cardio, and muscle retention.

These are all very important factors if you want to look your absolute best.

If you don’t take these things into consideration, you’ll end up losing a bunch of muscle.

Muscle Toning Workouts – My Experience

On one of my very first “cuts” or toning phases, I thought all I had to do was burn calories and I’d get lean and cut.

I was wrong.

As I got lower and lower down in weight, I noticed that my muscles were shrinking, they were getting smaller as I got smaller.

After a few more weeks of going about the muscle toning process, I had to stop it.

I realized that I was losing fat AND muscle at the same time. That was definitely not a good thing.

We want to retain as much lean muscle as we possibly can while losing as much fat as we possibly can.

To do this, you have to be very careful in the way you go about this and really look at your diet, cardio and weight lifting routine.

As soon as I realized that I was losing a lot of muscle along with the fat, I upped my calories a bit, stopped using light weights and high repetitions, and started using heavy weights again.

Muscle Toning Workouts – The Truth

The truth is, it’s not about toning up the muscle. The muscle tissue itself is already “toned up”. Muscle tissue is already lean. Muscle can’t get fat, they’re 2 totally different things – One is fat, and one is muscle. One is flabby, and one is lean and dense.

To get toned up is to get lean -> to get lean we have to lower our body fat percentage and keep as much muscle as we can.

Once you start removing the fat around the muscle, that’s when you’ll be able to get that cut, lean, ripped look.

Throw out the pink dumbbells, throw out the high repetitions (above 12 reps) when you’re looking to get lean, and throw out excessive cardio.

The way to get lean is to partake in resistance training. Heavy weights is recommended with repetitions no higher than 12 reps. Once you go above 12 reps when your leaning out, you run the risk of losing precious muscle.

But, keep the weights heavy, and your chances of holding on to what muscle you increases greatly.

The next step is to gain control of your eating and diet habits. Too low in calories and you run the risk of losing muscle and too high in calories, you’ll just gain weight or loss no fat and you won’t get lean.

This doesn’t mean you have to eat all “healthy”, whatever that means! It simply means you have to take control of your calories. Be mindful of the calories in calories out.

Then, you have to have an idea of how many calories you need to lose to see fat loss.

A caloric deficit must be created in order to see fat loss and get lean

If you’re just going to rely on exercising and cardio to create a caloric deficit, you’ll burnout quickly, lose motivation and possibly even give up.

Try to get away with as little cardio as you can, unless of course you love cardio, then spend no more than about 3-4 days or so per week.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Heavy Weights!

This is key!

Heavy weights is the key to growing muscle, getting that toned/lean look, and keeping as much muscle as possible.

Both men and women should be partaking in heavy weight lifting.

If you’re not stressing the muscle, you’re not giving it a reason to grow.

Women shouldn’t be afraid of getting “bulky” or too muscly because without steroids or enhancements, it’s just not going to happen.

Women don’t have the testosterone or hormones to get HUGE and bulky.

So you can lift heavy all you want (although we recommend only about 3 days per week) and not get bulky…

You’ll just end up getting sexier, leaner and more fit.

That’s an awesome result if you ask me.

Circuit Training

If you’re looking to get lean or cut, circuit training is an awesome way to see results quickly.

With just (3) workouts a week that lasts 10-20 minutes, you’ll see yourself getting lean on a weekly basis.

I hope this article reveals the truth about muscle toning workouts for you.

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