The White Rice Diet – Is It Effective For Fat Loss?

Is the white rice diet a good diet to follow, or is it as evil as some people The white rice diet
make it out to be?

We’ll be covering what the white rice diet is, the nutrient profile of white rice, the effectiveness on fat loss and if you should consider even doing it.

The White Rice Diet

What Is It?

The white rice diet is a diet that mainly consists of white rice. The main thing about this diet is that it’s low fat which has it’s positives and negatives. Too much fat combined with carbohydrates can turn into fat in the body. Too low of fat and you’ll see testosterone plummet along with your sex drive (definitely not a good place to be!).

On this diet, you’ll basically eat 3 meals with rice, some vegetables and some fruit. This diet can last as long as you want or until you’ve met your weight loss goals.

The White Rice Diet – Nutrient Profile

A lot of people are “afraid” of white rice. They think white rice, white bread, white pasta and any other food that’s “white” is bad for you.

There’s even a saying – “The whiter the bread, the quicker you’re dead!”

A bit harsh? I think so!

They say this because anything white is usually refined or stripped of it’s original husk or bran, thus making it white.

White rice used to be brown rice.

White bread used to be whole wheat grain or brown bread, etc.

But this doesn’t mean that ALL of the nutrients are taken or washed away and that white rice is an “empty food” or has “empty calories”.

In fact, white rice has between 40-50 grams of carbohyrates, 1/2 – 1 gram of fat and 4-5 grams of protein and contains about 200-250 calories per cup.

Devoid of nutrition? I don’t think so.

It’s actually a great carbohydrate source, especially after a good workout.

Consider this – half the world, or more, eats white rice on a daily basis. Many eat it for every single meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and yes, even as a snack.

Also, if you look at the people in these countries, most of them are not obese or overweight. Of course, there’s other variables to this, but what I’m saying is that this is a prime example of why white rice isn’t bad for you.

The White Rice Diet – Effectiveness on Fat Loss

I was talking with a buddy of mine who said he has eaten rice in over 7 months!

I was surprised considering that he lived in a country where rice is the main staple. They eat more rice than they do meats and vegetables.

If you ever go out to eat and you take a gander at someone’s plate, you’ll see mainly rice.

And here he was, a person who loved rice, restricting himself 100% from eating it.

If only he knew back then that it’s ok to eat rice, even to lose weight, he would’ve probably been a whole lot happier.

If he knew there’s a white rice diet, I’m sure he would’ve lost the weight he was struggling to lose much quicker than restricting himself completely.

As long as you take into consideration the amount of rice that you’re eating, you can enjoy white rice. I’m not a big fan of eating brown rice because of the taste. I’d much rather eat white rice.

If you eat too much of it, putting yourself in a caloric surplus, you’ll gain weight.

But if you eat white rice and be mindful of how much you’re eating, making sure you’re in a caloric deficit, you’ll still lose weight.

Knowing that 1 cup of cooked white rice contains anywhere from 200-250 calories, you should be able to measure it out and see how much rice will keep you in a caloric deficit.

But rice isn’t the only thing you need to be mindful of. Make sure anything else you add to the rice is low in calories as well.

We don’t want to eat just white rice, that’s plain and boring. Combine your meal with some vegetables and some fruit. Even a little bit of meat is ok as long as you keep on that on check as well.

The White Rice Diet – Should You Consider It?

If you love rice, then absolutely!

The white rice diet is a fantastic diet to be on.

Whenever I go on a fat loss phase, I eat rice at least once a day if not twice.

I always measure it out by 1 cup to make sure my calories are in check.

So if you want to be happy while on a diet, consider the white rice diet as a good alternative to other diets

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