Top Fitness Programs in 2016



Fitness reboots aren’t just for January resolutions. Intense fitness programs, which incorporate additional lifestyle elements such as nutrition and health coaching, are getting more popular as a way to ramp up and recommit to health and fitness, with the added gratification of achieving measureable results (like muscle gain, and lost inches). Barre3’s Amy LeClerc says the 100-studio brand sees “steady month-over-month growth in our 28-to-Great program,” which offer a fitness-nutrition combo platter, and their bi-annual Challenges sees the largest influx of new clients “with thousands of people committing to exercise, an eating plan, and other healthy behaviors that go way beyond the month they’ve committed to.”

AKT’s “Transformation Program,” created by founder and celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, is an 8-week fitness and lifestyle reboot, with participants working out 6 times a week, cleaning up their eating habits with the help of an in-house nutritionist, and learning new skills at special weekly sessions. Other popular programs include Barry’s Bootcamp Academies, Flywheel’s Power Up, and Equinox Training Camp (ETC), a program that combines nutrition, goal-setting, and high-intensity workouts three times a week with the same group of people. In addition to tools for healthier living, these programs also provide the support and accountability that helps people create healthier habits, which is what makes this a hit far beyond the month of January.


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