How To Lose Water Weight Fast

In this article, we’ll be going over how to lose water weight fast so How to lose water weight fastyou can start to
see immediate changes in the way your body looks, and even feels!

Water weight, what is it? Is it something that you can never completely lose? Will it always be the culprit behind those last 5 pounds you’re trying to shed? And is it something that we can live without? These are all questions that can continue to irritate that back of our minds, but let’s go ahead and clarify a few things about water weight and why it makes us feel fatter than normal.

How To Lose Water Weight Fast – What Is It?


First off, water weight isn’t the weight you put on from drinking too much water. Because we all know that water passes through the system like spicy Indian food on a hot summer day. You sweat it out, you pee it out, and if you have over active salivary glands, then you can also drool it out as well. Plus since our bodies are made up of about 60% (more or less) of water then technically a majority of our body’s weight would be “water” weight. But that’s technically speaking, let’s talk factually.

Water weight is put on by the excess water your cells store from foods that contain salt. Since salt dehydrates your body’s cells, the cells overcompensate by storing a lot of water when you consume salty food. Therefore weighty cells equal water weight. In addition, the body generally holds more water than it actually needs. And if we don’t do anything to lose that water weight it will eventually compound, making us look bloated and heavier than we really are.

But don’t worry, unlike diamonds water weight isn’t forever. Actually it fluctuates a few pounds on a day to day basis just depending on your diet and activity on that certain day. And it is possible to lose water weight just as quickly as you put it on.

How To Lose Water Weight Fast – Facts And Getting Rid Of It

Here are some known facts about water weight that may help you take actions to lowering the amount you have in your body.

  • As funny as it may sound, drinking a lot of water can actually help you lose water weight. The water you drink helps cleanses the body of toxins and wastes including excess water. But don’t’ think that concept also applies with “If you eat more fat, you’ll lose fat.” It just doesn’t work that way.
  • Because salt dries out your cells, staying away from salty and fried foods can also help you lose water weight. Stick to a cleaner diet that consists of a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables even if just for a couple of days. You’ll definitely feel lighter afterwards.
  • Doing exercise that can really work up a sweat is also another great way to lose water weight. Running, aerobics, dancing and other cardio activities are great for working up a sweat. And as you’re doing them, don’t forget to drink a lot of water.
  • Colon cleanses can also help you get rid of excess water weight in addition to built up wastes and toxins. But you should always consult a health professional first before doing one.

How To Lose Water Weight Fast – My Experiences

When I want to get rid of water weight quickly, what I usually do is drink more water than I normally do, which is about 1 gallon, for about a week straight. The next day, I’ll simply take sips of water throughout the day as well as fast for the majority of the day, if not the whole day.

Sounds crazy, but that’s just my “extreme” way of getting my looking nice and tight in such a short amount of time.

Usually, I’ll wake up a whole lot leaner.

Losing water weight can be a good way to jump start your weight loss journey. It’ll help you realize instant results and motivate you to keep going. You can lose up to 2 to 4 pounds of water weight in just a day or two, but remember that doesn’t actually mean you’ve lost any fat.

Use these tips to lose water weight fast, but also understand that if you’re carrying lots of fat or extremely overweight, then it probably wouldn’t make a huge difference in your overall appearance.

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  1. I’ve found that lessening my carb intake has allowed me to lose a lot of water weight within just days. I think anytime you’re in a caloric deficit you’ll start to lose water weight.

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