Weight Training For Fat Loss – The Right Way!

Are you looking to use weight training for fat loss? weight training for fat loss

You’ve made a great decision because most people will never pick up a single dumbbell, and as a result, will only be disappointed with their results.

A huge part of losing weight and getting that dream body is not only by losing fat, but by shaping your body.

How do you shape your body so you don’t end up a skinnier you, where you still have the flabby arms and stomach, just skinnier.

Some people call this skinny fat.

How do you avoid this from every happening to you?

Weight Training For Fat Loss – Lift Weights!


You need to lift weights, heavy weights preferably!

Always remember, the #1 goal when losing weight is to lose fat AND maintain muscle.

Most people won’t be able to build lean muscle while dieting down so you shouldn’t even look to put on muscle on a diet, if it happens, then it’s simply icing on the cake.

So how do you maintain the muscle that you currently have?

It’s by lifting heavy weights.

This will help you to keep that muscle, the shape on your body, while dieting down, otherwise you’ll end up a skinnier you.

You’ll lose some fat, get skinny, but still end up the same shape.

So lift heavy weights about 2-3 times a week and you’re golden.

Weight Training For Fat Loss – Fat Loss

Will lifting heavy weights help you to burn fat?


If you’re lifting heavy weights (that’s heavy for you) you’ll burn some calories.

Some people will suggest that you work in higher rep ranges when you’re dieting down to burn more calories.

That’s probably not the best solution as you’ll end up losing more muscle than if you were to stick with heavier weights.

Heavier weights won’t cause as big of a caloric deficit than lighter weights with higher reps, BUT, if you remember the goal when losing fat is to maintain muscle, you’ll stick with the heavy weights.

What builds actual lean muscle tissue is heavy, progressive loads.

Heavy weights where you continue to add weight to the bar (you’re getting stronger and stronger over time) is the key to building lasting muscle.

In order to maintain that muscle when you’re on a diet, you’ll need to give it the same stimulus that you used to build it.

Once you lighten up the weights and work in the higher rep ranges to feel the burn, to burn more calories, to get more of a pump, you could lose a lot more muscle.

So am I saying to always lift heavy in the gym?

No, but what I am saying is, if you want to maintain your muscle (everyone does) when you’re dieting down, you’ll need to lift heavy weight.

2-3 sets for each body part on an upper body/lower body split, just 2-3 times a week is The Best Weight Lifting Routine To Get You Results.

Weight Training For Fat Loss – The Ultimate Plan

What’s the ultimate plan?

We’ve come to realize that weight training should be mainly used for maintaining muscle and not so much as a fat burning tool when we’re looking to diet down.

With that said, what can we do to accelerate our fat burning results?

Weight Training – Diet – Cardio

That’s the ultimate plan.

When you combine heavy weight training with working on your diet with a bit of cardio, your body is now set up to burn maximum fat in minimal time!

This doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite hobby or cut work short so you can get in your one hour, no.

With just 2-3 weight training workouts a week that lasts about 45 minutes and 2-3 cardio sessions that last about an hour, you can say BYE BYE to fat every single day!

That’s a total of about 4-5 hours a week that you’re doing some kind of activity.

That’s it!

No more, no less!

Then, a few tweaks to your diet to make sure you’re in a caloric deficit of around 250-500 calories is all you’ll need.

And from experience, you’ll begin to see noticeable differences every single week!

Weight training for fat loss can be simple when you follow the above principles.

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